Annual Convention & Trade Show Pricing

This page include sinfromation about our general admission pricing as well as our individual event tickets. If you have any questions about the registration process or about pricing, please don't hesitate to contact the PSBA office at 717-975-1951 or We can't wait to see you at Seven Springs!!


Individual Tickets

Individual tickets can be pruchased for the Sunday Trip, and Sunday night Dinner. Please ONLY select these options if you will not be attending any other Convention or Trade Show events. PSBA Members who need individual tickets for an event can click the image of the ticket you need to register today! Questions about pricing? Contact the PSBA Office at the button below or call 717-975-1951. 


Child Passenger Restraint Course

More and more school bus drivers find themselves transporting pre-school age children and infants. School districts are offering classes for pre-school children while some high schools offer programs for teen moms with infants. School buses are used for transporting both Head Start students and pre-school age children to early intervention programs and childcare. This means that all those who work in the school bus environment, school bus drivers, monitors, bus mechanics, and educators, need to know about child safety restraints and how they work. However, for many school bus drivers, transporting pre-school age children is a new responsibility and they may not know how to use child safety restraint systems (CSRS) correctly. Click Here for the Full Course Description