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Royalty Partners

NSTA members are provided exclusive access to discounts and special pricing from the following NSTA Associate Members: Bus Parts Warehouse, CINTAS, IC Parts, Keystone, RC Kelly Law Associates and Staples. NSTA members have saved hundreds of dollars by joining NSTA and taking advantage of member pricing on insurance and school bus parts offered by our associate members. 



Bus Parts Warehouse

Without NSTA Membership: A contractor, purchases red halogen warning lights, a stop arm hinge and seat back covers from Bus Parts Warehouse. Cost: $71.50

With NSTA Membership: A NSTA member purchases the same light, hinge and cover but mentions they are a NSTA member in good standing and they receive a special discount in result of their membership. The NSTA member also has no minimum order requirements, guaranteed no price adjustments for 6 months and prepaid shipping on orders over $50.00! Cost: The NSTA member only pays $58.25 for the exact same parts.

CONTACT: Call 800.635.5567 or visit



IC Bus

With NSTA Membership:

+ Enhanced school bus specific product line program discounts – body, interior, lighting and all safety related items and more!

+ Bulk/packaged oil programs

+ NEW! Global discounts to cover items not covered under product line/program discounts

+ Extended 20 day terms on Fleet Charge Select program.

+ Restructured and enhanced pricing tiers “Major Fleet” to “National Fleet” level base pricing.

+  Available at over 700+ IC Bus and International Dealers across the US and Canada

CONTACT: Complete a Fleet Charge application at When asked for your business name, please submit: “NSTA / [YOUR LEGAL BUSINESS NAME]”


With NSTA Membership -  Specialized Coverages:
+ Endorsed insurance provider with more than 20 years of school bus insurance expertise and access to several financially strong carriers
+ Work with an independent agent who understands buses and provides risk control services to improve safety
+ Coverage for sexual misconduct and abuse
+ Tailored Auto, umbrella, package, and workers’ compensation coverage
+ Endorsements available that correspond to making state and federal filings
+ Optional environmental liability based on your specific needs

CONTACT: Contact Lori Simpson 570-490-4231 or Linda Neff 412-609-8426



RC Kelly Law Associates

Without NSTA Membership: Contractor calls a local attorney to discuss elements and options regarding the fuel clause in advance of upcoming contract negotiations with the district. After speaking for 30 minutes with the attorney explaining the school bus industry and a fuel clause, the contractor then speaks with the attorney for one hour discussing the options. Cost: $365/hour x 90 minutes = $592.50

With NSTA Membership: Contractor calls the NSTA office and under the Business Council Program is transferred to RC Kelly Law and speaks with an attorney experienced in the school bus industry for an hour. The Contractor receives guidance and recommendation on the fuel clause and contract negotiations. Cost: $0

CONTACT: RC Kelly Law Associates at 215-896-3846 or




With NSTA Membership: You get exclusive pricing on the name-brand products you trust – all in one convenient order. Just a few of your benefits: Contract pricing on the items you need most; a wide assortment of office supplies, breakroom products, furniture and more; easy online ordering on, or via our mobile app; fast, free delivery; and an Account Management team to support your program.

CONTACT: Contact Andrew Christiansen at

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