PSBA Mutual Aid Directory

The PSBA Mutual Aid Directory

The Pennsylvania School Bus Association publishes the Mutual Aid Directory (MAD) to assist you if one your school buses should become disabled while away on a trip outside of your area.  The Directory includes contact information for school bus contractors who agree to be listed in the Directory and provide assistance for their fellow members when a school bus becomes disabled in their geographic area.  

The PSBA Mutual Aid Directory lists the following information by county:

·        Business Name

·        Contact Person

·        Address

·        Phone

·        Services Available (i.e. garage, minor repairs, servicing, fuel, mechanic, spare bus, etc.)

The MAD has proven to be a valuable tool for members traveling outside their area on fieldtrips and other school activities.  The Directory will be made available in the Members Only section of the PSBA website in a format where it can be easily downloaded. We will also provide hardcopies of the Directory upon request.

Join the PSBA Mutual Aid Network! If you would like to be listed in the Mutual Aid Directory, please provide the requested information. Thank you!

If you have any questions about the Mutual Aid Directory, contact Mike Berk at (717) 975-1951, ext.500 or

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2. Contact Person to be Listed in Directory *
3. Business Address *
4. County *
5. Daytime Phone *
6. After-hours Phone *
7. Services Available (Please indicate the hours next to the service that applies)
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Major Repairs
Minor Repairs
Motor Coach
Spare Bus
Tires or Service
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